Erin and Rebecca have a history. They met on the first day of first grade and Erin was really impressed by Rebecca’s crimped hair and cool glasses. From there, they embarked on what could only be called a fashion journey that may or may not have including wearing matching outfits to middle school dances. When not breaking fashion barriers, Erin and Rebecca were also dreaming about their futures. Becoming FBI agents was one option (The X Files was a big inspiration), but so was doing the right thing by our planet and its inhabitants (they may or may not have started a group that sang songs about dolphin-safe tuna).

This dream kept resurfacing and a plan was hatched on a cocktail napkin in a fancy bar in Massachusetts. This napkin highlighted an idea of creating a new kind of history. The kind where a company can start out with the mission of social, ethical, and environmental responsibility at its core. Of course, great ideas need time and experience to develop so Erin and Rebecca let a decade go by before they (and the world) were ready for what they had to offer: responsible fashion.

So what were they doing in that time? After Rebecca got her degree in fashion, she spent her professional career identifying trends and learning all aspects of the design and production process. Erin sort of came close to realizing her FBI dreams and worked in the U.S. government where she traveled often to Asia, meeting with Fortune 500 companies, governments, and international organizations and learning about best corporate practices and the consequences of fast fashion.

With professional experience under their eco-friendly belts, Rebecca and Erin started Curricular/Extracurricular (C/E).

C/E handbags and shipping products use eco-friendly materials, are sourced and manufactured in the U.S.A., and promote social and ethical corporate behavior at every stage of production and design. C/E’s handbags incorporate classic and trendy colors and styles that make you feel good about looking good.

Come join the revolution and expect more from what you buy!